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Our team is committed to our mission of documenting and celebrating feminist contributions to culture by preserving and digitizing archival materials for public access.

In line with current social initiatives to expand general knowledge of history and culture to reflect fuller truths and create greater online search equity, TFI is infilling the digital cultural record from a feminist perspective.


Marie Williams Chant

Consulting Director of Archives & Special Projects

Allison Elliott

Archives & Programs Manager


Dena Muller

Development & Strategy Consultant

Joliana Hunter-Ellin

Finance Consultant

Board of Directors

Kathleen Landy, Founder & President

Penny Liebman Aaron
Aileen Agopian
Danielle Anderman
Rebecca Boon
Molly Campbell
Dr. Amanda Foreman, Chair
Patricia Goldman
Natalia Schultz

Linda Nochlin, In Memoriam

Advisory Board

Elissa Auther
Jill Brienza
John Carvalho
Rosanne Cash
Mary Ceruti
Judy Chicago
Sharon Coplan Hurowitz
Alexandra Dean
Fotene Demoulas
Monika Fabijanska
Karen Finley
Julia Fowler
Carol Goldberg
Thelma Golden
Carley Graham Garcia
Kat Griefen
Stephanie Hodor
Pippy Houldsworth
Rachel Howard
Kate Hyman
Amelia Jones
Zoe Karafylakis Sperling
Jonathan Katz
Heather Kemper Miller
Susi Kenna
Alix Lambert
Abby Leigh
Ruby Lerner
Kim Levin
Shola Lynch
Alexis Maybank
Doreen Mogavero
Catherine Morris
Eileen Myles
Ellen Pao
Robert Pfeifer
Richard Quinn
Jennifer Raab
Viola Raikhel-Bolot
Maura Reilly
Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn
Andrea Rosen
Julie Scelfo
Jill Schildkraut-Katz
Barry Schwabsky
Lisa Schweitzer
Cindy Sherman
Agatha Sohn
Danielle Stennett-Neris
Amanda Taylor
Laurie Tisch
Kristen Titus
Cyndy Villano
Kathleen Wentrack